A cool Discord Bot. Score counts messages and reactions. Based on this every user gets an individual score.


The Score Discord bot is currently offline and not maintained anymore and it propably won’t be hosted again in the future. So you cannot use it except you try to host it by yourself which the bot was not invented for.



Score records the activity of every user. That includes messages, reactions and how often he was helpful. For the last one other users can $thank you for helping them.


There are a global and a local leaderboard. Local means only users from the current Server. Every user can see all of his data. The bot prefix can individually be changed for a Server. Admins can strike users as a consequence of misbehavior.

Invite the bot!

When it’s invited type $help to get an overview about the commands.

Join the Official Score Support server on Discord.


Lade ihn ein!

Wenn der Bot auf dem Server ist, gib $help ein, um mehr über die einzelnen Befehle zu erfahren.

Tritt dem Official Score Support Server auf Discord bei.

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