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A small overview about the bot’s commands. The default prefix may differ from the prefix used on your server.


It’s to see all open tickets of:



/ticket add [info about the problem]

/ticket show [ticket number]

/ticket close [ticket number]; [reason]

The info can’t be longer than 100 characters and not shorter than 10. A ticket can only be closed by the author or an admin.

Please don’t abuse tickets for normal communication or to offend.
It’s allowed to create one or two test tickets, but you have to delete them after one day at the latest.
Generally, think of closing tickets, when the problem is solved.


User’s perspective.
ticket add/show
Supporter’s perspective.
ticket close


This is to add information to an existing ticket. It can only be used by the ticket author.


/addinfo [ticket number] [info]


This is to set the ‘support-channel’, where the bot informs the supporters about:


/channel #[channel name]

This command is only usable for admins.


Admins should set a support-role like this:

/supprole @[support-role]

This role will be mentioned on ticket events in the support-channel.

To remove it type:

/supprole remove.

Note: You have to set the role to be mentionable!


This is to change the command prefix of the bot.
The default prefix is /.
If the current prefix is in complication with the prefixes of other bots on your server, an admin can change it like this:

/prefix [new prefix]


The bot will send you an link for inviting it to a server.
Just type /invite!


/help shows a help message with the command list and a short description how to use them (slightly reduced version of this page).
Type help after any command to see the command-specific help-page!

For example:

/ticket help


Shows information about:

Just type: /info or /about!